RapidPriceMatch ios-development, swift

App for match prices in different US stores to get the lower price or get a discount.

Configurator cocoa, swift, mac-osx

Firmware configurator

Postingstats ios-development, swift

Company app with statistic about posting ads on different websites

Sound Quiz - Hearthstone ios-development, swift


Music box back-end, front-end

Music service for jukebox based on web sockets.

DailyCargo back-end, front-end

Exchange for carriers across whole Europe. http://dailycargo.org/

Mebelir back-end, front-end

Large store of furniture. http://mebelir.ru/

D2mq back-end, front-end

My online quiz game. http://d2mq.com/

Kits back-end

Simple online store for sale of a protective film for cars. http://3mvinylcarprotection.com/

Proboating back-end

Large portal about yachts. http://proboating.ru/

Світ музики back-end

Online store for sale musical instruments. http://svitmuz.com/

МОСРЕГООО back-end, front-end

Just another corporative site. Enough ! http://registrationcom.ru/

Аудит1991 back-end

Corporative blog. http://audit1991.ru/

bf33 back-end

Site for company Business Forward. http://bf33.ru/